Fieldreach LogoFieldreach is an award-winning mobile field service solution for work management, maintenance and inspection processes. It has been licensed on more than 50,000 end-user devices globally. In some of our large-scale deployments clients use Fieldreach to manage and complete three million work orders per annum.

Fieldreach mobilizes asset management, work management and maintenance and inspection processes and can be integrated via standard interfaces into major backend systems (e.g. ABB Ellipse, IBM Maximo or SAP PM/EAM).

In order to enable the field service complete their work orders on a mobile device, the “Script Builder” is used to complement (master) data such as asset information and geotags from the backend with intelligent scripts. In a matter of minutes paper-based forms can be digitally transformed and work orders are enriched with scripts which are specific to an asset raising questions, prompts and instructions that follow a process-logic.  The intelligent scripts can be created via a standard and simple to use windows application so that complicated, costly and time-consuming programming belongs to the past. At the push of a button the scripts along with all relevant asset data are being transferred onto a mobile device of choice (Handhelds, laptops, tablets and smartphones running on Windows, Android and iOS platforms are supported). 


Fieldreach Tab


Fieldreach at a glance

  • Since 1999 Fieldreach has been deployed in leading organisations within the Energy, Transport and Infrastructure sectors
  • Digitally enable any maintenance and inspection process
  • Seamlessly integrate with any backend (e.g. SAP) via standard interfaces
  • Work on any device

Fieldreach: The details

  • Receive, view and complete work orders on a mobile device
  • Send off completed work orders automatically to the backend (e.g. SAP)
  • View master data and maintenance history
  • View Asset history
  • Materials Management
  • Plausibility checks
  • Raise new Work Request at point of action
  • Verify, update, decommission or add new equipment
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Augmented Reality feature: Overlay asset information with a live camera image showing direction, distance and summary of the asset
  • Lone Working – Work Orders will only open within a certain radius
  • Attach work instructions, construction plans, pictures directly in the script 

NEW: Fieldreach’s newest module is a powerful intuitive map viewing interface that is supported by comprehensive redlining (markup), blacklining (edit), imaging, network tracing and data capture facilities.