More and more communications paths are being offered today and more and more companies are focusing on digital contact with their customers. Customers should be active and make contact themselves in the digital world – as such the number of web-based self-service channels has grown significantly. For many customers it is not a problem to demonstrate the personal initiative required as long as they are certain that it is the quicker and more efficient alternative to conventional telephone contact.

This shows that customer communications should not solely concentrate on one channel but instead be widely set up: The right mix is important. If a customer does not advance in web-based self-service they must have the option of finding a competent point of contact for solving their problems by phone.

We assist you in confronting the challenges of a digital world in which communication is taking place in an increasing number of ever-changing channels. With our experience and expertise we can guide your customers to the most expedient communication channel, making the change between channels easier for you and if necessary also taking care of the personal contact side of things.