Technical products, online applications, software: In almost every product and every service there is a certain element of technology and IT, from telecommunications through to the automotive industry. Therefore it is all the more important for you to support your customers when they are using these products. We continue to help with technical support for all channels. Our specialists are at your customers' disposal if a technical product is causing them problems or to guide them step-by-step through a piece of software. Regardless of how complex technology and your request is. We have the answer, develop efficient support solutions and implement them for you.

It is therefore not a question of what we are doing but instead how we are doing it: For most customers not only do competence and quickness play a role in solving their problems but it is also a questions of friendliness, grace and flexibility. We know this from years of experience and therefore our support teams are experts in their area.

Technical support and helpdesk

Products and services in which there is modern technology, require competent support. A locked mobile, a computer which does not start, or an internet connection which has gone down are typical customer problems which we solve. We are there for your customers round the clock: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and in more than 20 languages. With the technical know-how of our staff, with our knowledge databases and information systems, we have a very good First Call Solution Rate; solving the problem during the first call. When it comes to more complex problems we answer them efficiently and reliably.