Give your customers good reason to remain your customers. With more than 30 years experience behind us we know that long-term customer relationships are built upon listening: We listen to your customers, understand their requirements and using this knowledge develop the best strategies to fulfil these requirements perfectly. The results are successful customer retention concepts - tailor-made for you and your customers.

Our staff are the key to success here too – ultimately people buy from people and the contact with your customers should be just as personal and individual. For every contractor and every project we find the right staff, who, with extensive experience and intensive on-the-job training, are perfectly prepared for your customers.

Customer retention

There are many opportunities to invest in customer retention, for example, if your customers come forward themselves with a particular request or are actively contacted by us. We inform and advise, draw up specific offers, or deal with complaints and queries in a professional, competent and amicable manner. We always have a solution in mind, which means that the customer’s needs are met quickly and efficiently, meaning that you ensure their customer loyalty in the long-term. In addition to conventional telephone contact, as a specialist for digitalisation we also offer other channels for communication, e.g. Web chat, e-mail support and social media – where it makes sense for you and your customers.

Turnover growth

We work to reinforce your existing customer relationships by impressing them further with your products and services. In the case of cross-selling we sell products which are complementary to the customer engagement, for example option packages for mobile phone contracts or the right insurance for a new car. In the case of up-selling we make sure that the existing contracts are up-valued, by changing the customer over from a normal tariff to a flat rate for example.