Energy is something that affects everyone and, particularly for electricity and gas, the pricing and image of the supplier are often crucial to the purchasing decision of the customer. At the same time, basic conditions, investments in a modern infrastructure, statutory requirements and commodity prices are similar for all energy providers and due to this there is little differentiation potential in a highly competitive market. Efficient and customer-centric customer management is therefore becoming increasingly important.

We take on the customer management aspect for you: we offer central contact and focal points for your existing and prospective customers, we take over the entire invoicing process including dunning reminders and payment collection, and we use the cross-selling potential of related services and products.

We have the necessary flexibility to respond quickly and professionally to increasing demands even in the short term, e.g. for seasonal requirements. We are also happy to support you in the digitalisation of your customer communications, to analyse and optimise your service processes, and to provide you with tailored solutions for your customer management.