In an area where research and development are continuously evolving, any communication and the relaying of product information must be of a very high quality. Reliable and competent communication is crucial regardless of whether we are responding to customer questions, or speaking to doctors and pharmacies on your behalf: expertise and experience in communicating complex content are an integral part of the service we offer.

We have been successfully using specially trained healthcare teams—with medical training and specialist knowledge—for over 30 years. This allows us to communicate with doctors and pharmacists on an equal level, and to provide in-depth advice to patients and to insured individuals. We convey complex content clearly and in a customer-friendly manner.

In addition to the sensitive handling of pharmaceutical and medical issues, we bring with us all of our customer management experience. Regardless of whether we are addressing prescribers, direct pharmacy sales, therapy support programmes, or contact and focal points for medical information and advice: we will ensure that your project is realised in a cost-effective and customer-centric manner with the highest level of responsibility – and, of course, across all communication channels.

In addition, we will support you in the digitalisation of your customer communications, analyse and optimise your service processes, and provide tailored solutions for your customer management.