Zurich, the so-called 'city on the Limmat' – as it lies on the river of the same name – has just under 400,000 inhabitants, making it the largest city in Switzerland and one of the most important economic centres. The headquarters of TELAG AG, one of our subsidiaries, is located not far from the centre in Carbahaus, in Zurich's 5th district. The Swiss TELAG was launched in 1959 as Europe's first provider of contact center services and is considered a pioneer in the industry; leading the way by being one of the first companies in Europe to work with ACD phone systems and integrated CTI technology.

TELAG AG specialises in communications services for small and medium size businesses in Switzerland and is the market leader in this field. We have developed a large range of projects here in each of the four national languages of Switzerland and english, including in the areas of answering services, telephonic secretarial, customer care, technical support and on-call services, among others.

Visit the TELAG homepage: www.telag.ch

Hardturmstrasse 101
8005 Zürich
+41 44 27644 44
24 h / 365 d
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