Capita not only provides technical expertise and market-leading know-how, but also extensive capacity and support for you and your business needs. We have an established presence in Germany and Switzerland with have 6500 people working, but also a presence worldwide with around 61,000 employees across 450 locations.

Using our wide range of resources and knowledge, we always provide the best possible team for your needs. We will ensure that you have the right people with exactly the right skills working for you in the right place. Our personal approach means that we will work closely with you to define your exact needs and those of your customers in advance, allowing us to then develop customised solutions to meet your goals.

In addition to experience and expertise, we consider many other factors when deciding the composition of the team: how can we offer the greatest savings potential? In which sites are the conditions ideal to offer—for instance—extended service hours and multilingual services? Or to implement particularly large-scale and complex projects? With these questions in mind, we will always find the best solution to suit your needs.

We work with identical systems and processes, so that we can guarantee you the same high quality everywhere and anywhere.