One connecting thought underlies our basic values at Capita: our distinctive 'can do' attitude. A positive attitude that we can achieve what we want to achieve. At Capita we say 'yes' to trust and to respect, to the people with whom and for whom we work, to our colleagues and customers, to our corporate social responsibility, to openness and honesty, to fun at work as well as to performance and to quality. At Capita we live out the 'yes' concept on a daily basis – both on a large and small scale.

People at Capita

The people who work with us matter to us. They are the key to success and growth, and are at the heart of our culture and values. We have a responsibility towards them, and the basic principles of our company are geared to them: equality and diversity, health and safety, and ethical conduct.

Clear values at Capita

We want employees to make a long-term commitment to us. At the same time, we are growing – and are constantly expanding our team. We benefit from this mixture of experienced know-how and new ideas and we feel that our employees should too. Therefore, with our positive environment and intensive initial training, we ensure that new employees are integrated in the best possible way and are included in the team.

Enthusiasm at Capita

We know that our employees do a great job and carry out their work with enthusiasm – because we take them seriously, listen to them, and value them. This includes, for example, performance-based pay, a secure-future working environment, attractive development opportunities and a pleasant working environment.

Opportunities at Capita

We value motivated, independent and responsible employees with good ideas, commitment and enthusiasm. We support and challenge them with attractive career and development opportunities, among other things. We listen to them – because we know that the best ideas come from where they are to be implemented.